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Last updated January 6th, 2023

About us

Service to School (S2S) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free college and grad school application counseling to military veterans and service members.
Our goal is to help veterans gain admission to the best college for them while empowering each veteran to make informed decisions about their education.

Our Methodology

Our Story

In 2011, S2S was founded by Gus Giacoman, Tim Hsia, Khalil Tawil, and Anna Ivey — three veterans and an admissions expert who believe that all veterans should have the opportunity and access to a great education. Through grassroots efforts and thousands of hours of volunteer time, S2S grew into a national non-profit that connects military veterans and service members with mentors to ensure veterans are being admitted to and attending our nation’s best colleges and graduate schools.
Since then, we have stayed laser-focused on our mission of supporting veterans into higher-ed and have worked with thousands of veterans during different points of the college and graduate school application process. You can find S2S Alums on hundreds of Undergraduate, MBA, Law School, Policy, and Medical School campuses where they are studying and forging new paths for their future.

Our Core Values

Lead From the Front: Our volunteers, called Ambassadors, give their free time to support veterans who are seeking higher-education.
Build Solutions, Not Organizations: We focus our efforts on solving problems. We do not engage in empire-building or self-aggrandizement. Titles do not matter; only results.
Empower Everyone: Ambassadors, applicants, and leadership are empowered to work on any initiative or project that fulfills our fundamental mission of helping transitioning veterans.
We Have No Ego: Everyone is a leader. Service to School does not exist to build ourselves up, but to help veterans.
We Have Fun: We maintain the same light-hearted atmosphere we found with our military friends on active duty and the reserves. We enjoy working together because we all care about the same thing: helping veterans.
We Enrich Others, Not Ourselves: We exist solely to benefit transitioning veterans. Whenever we spend donor money, we look for the most efficient way to do so.
We Are a Flat Organization: Our best ideas and biggest accomplishments have come from the bottom-up.
We Are Honest with Ourselves: We provide each other thoughtful, honest, critical and substantive feedback. We quickly determine what is working and what is not working. Constructive feedback is always accompanied by proposed solutions.

Our Model

Our Results

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