S2S MBA Guide

Working with our Ambassadors

Who are our Ambassadors?

Our ambassadors are:
  • Veteran and active duty volunteers from all branches and communities.
  • Current students or graduates of top MBA programs. Every top 20 MBA program is represented on our ambassador bench. All of our ambassadors have walked the walk and are qualified to help you follow in their footsteps to a top MBA program.
  • Many have families. All are full time students or have full time jobs working in high performance industries where their time is highly valuable. They are incredibly smart, talented, hard-working, all around great people. Please be respectful of their time and energy that they are dedicating to your success.
  • Having said that, our ambassadors are willing, they want to help you. Use them. They are expecting to spend up to 10 hours throughout the application season helping you with your application. As a benchmark, the industry going rate for an admissions consultant is in the ballpark of $350 per hour. Service to School is a completely FREE service. Maximize your ambassador!

Requirements for pairing

Below are the minimum requirements Service to School.
  1. 1.
    Scan of official GRE/GMAT/EA score report
  2. 2.
    Completed inventory/intake form OR completed draft essay to any of your top target schools
  3. 3.
To apply to be paired with an ambassador send the required documents to [email protected]
Please note we require a minimum GMAT score of 560 and GRE score of 151/151 in order to pair you with an ambassador. This is done in order to help concentrate on applicants who are academically ready for graduate level coursework. That being said if you don't meet these cutoffs, please reach out to us to see how we can help you get there.

How do we pair you with an ambassador?

Once we have recieved your full packet the MBA operations team will begin searching for your ambassador. Our current ambassador team consists of over 300 MBA specific ambassadors and the operations team will do it's best to match you with the best ambassador possible. Typically considerations the operations team takes when pairing applicants include applicant school preference, branch of service, common undergrad institution, and applicant preferences of the ambassador. As all of our applicants are volunteers, this process can take a short as a few hours to as long as a few weeks depending on availability of ambassadors.

What can you expect from your ambassador?

Every ambassador/applicant relationship is going to be different. Some applicants are simply looking for a second pair of eyes on their applications while others are looking for the more extensive help navigating their MBA journey. After being paired with an ambassador you can expect an initial phone call or email to work out your needs. As with any good partnership this relationship is a two way street and your ambassador should explain his/her expectations of you as well during the call. From there you both are off to the races.

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